8 SEO Facts Every Digital Marketer Should Know

8 SEO Facts Every Digital Marketer Should Know

8 SEO Facts Every Digital Marketer Should Know
8 SEO Facts Every Digital Marketer Should Know

SEO is a fundamental component of digital marketing. Here are some facts about search engines that every digital marketer must know. These SEO facts may significantly aid in the planning of various marketing strategies.

1. The majority of people click on the first five search results.

Recent studies indicate that 75% of consumers click on the first five search results shown by a search engine. 32% of users click on the first result, compared to 18% of users who click on the second result. This statistic demonstrates quite clearly that the higher your website ranks, the more visitors you will get.

2. Users often do not scroll beyond the page

1: 20% of people are determined enough to navigate to the second page of search results. Therefore, if your website is on page 2, you need to improve your digital marketing and SEO techniques.

3. Mobile-friendly keywords are crucial at this time

Approximately fifty percent of all searches begin on a mobile device. When searching on a mobile device, users prefer to use alternative terms. In addition, 88 percent of searches for local businesses are launched on mobile devices.

4. SEO for local businesses and mobile marketing

As previously indicated, smartphone users often do local business searches. The number of smartphone users increases annually; thus, it is crucial to prepare your keywords in accordance with the increase in mobile searches.

5. Websites with more pages will certainly draw more visitors

The number of pages on a website has a direct bearing on the volume of traffic it receives. It merely emphasizes the value of relevant keywords.

6. Approximately fifty percent of search inquiries are four words or longer

It is an undeniable truth that short keywords will help you rank better in search engine results. However, it is quite tough to rank for these keywords since short keywords are extremely competitive. Therefore, rather than focusing on short, competitive keywords, you should use longer ones successfully.

7. Organic search continues to be superior to social media traffic

Even though social media traffic is growing exponentially, organic searches are still the optimal strategy. 41% of all searches are organic, which is three times as much as social media traffic. Therefore, it is not prudent to rely only on social media sites to create visitors.

8. Excellent Content

Google appreciates detailed content that provides consumers with value and answers their queries. When aiming to obtain a website on the top page of Google, be sure to provide a great deal of content.

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